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Context: "The modern anti-vaccine movement was powered by unverified stories of the dead and damaged. Tiffany wasn't the first person to be swallowed up in an anti-vaccine propaganda campaign, and she wouldn't be the last.
The unsettling thing about it -- to me and the more well-meaning conspiracy theorists who took up an interest in Tiffany's case -- was that she seemed to just disappear." https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/misinformation/tiffany-dover-conspiracy-theorists-silence-rcna69401 #ConspiracyTheoryCOVID19Vaccine
Supplementary: #EDUUSUniversityOfWashingtonUWKateStarbird "'It was clarifying to read more about disinformation, which is designed to 'reduce human agency by overwhelming our capacity to make sense of info.' I can't judge whether that's happening in Maricopa, but it certainly *felt* like this. It spins your head,' Zak wrote in a tweet thread, citing a 2019 paper, 'Disinformation as Collaborative Work: Surfacing the Participatory Nature of Strategic Information Operations,' written by Starbird and two of her PhD students, Ahmer Arif (now an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin) and Tom Wilson (who in April published his dissertation, a mixed-method, multi-platform analysis of the online disinformation campaign targeting White Helmet volunteers during the Syrian Civil War). " https://www.cip.uw.edu/2021/05/26/participatory-disinformation-kate-starbird/ #TheoryReasoningAdHocParticipatoryDisinformation #PhenomenonPropagandaDisinformation #PhenomenonAgencyHuman #TheoryAffectiveResponseAmygdalaHijack #NoRUSArizonaMaricopaCounty #NewspaperUSBrdshtTheWashingtonPostDanZak