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@EKoskiahde: Totuus woke aatteesta pähkinänkuoressa. Pakko iskeä jokaisen länsimaalaisen tajuntaan.
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tweet translated from #NoREuropeFinland: "The truth about the idea of woke in a nutshell. Forced to strike the consciousness of every Westerner" #TauntSocialJusticeWarriorSJW #TauntLeftism #_Focal

"If you wanted to destroy
a race without killing it
directly, you would ...
Promote race mixing
Promote homosexuality
Promote feminism
Promote divorce
Promote the use of birth control
Promote abortion rights
Promote sex with dolls
Promote 'Men Go Their Own Way'
Promote the irrelevance of the family
Teach them that race does not exist
Teach them to feel ashamed of their heritage
Push for mass immigration into their lands
Call them racists when they defend themselves" #TheoryCodedFemininityOver #PoliticsNationalismRomantic, #TheoryCulturalEssentialism, #ConspiracyTheoryCulturalMarxism and even #PoliticsNationalismEthno / #PowerControlSegregationEthnopluralism #CharacterisationWhiteness

Context: the overtly racist meme seems to belie #TheoryPoliticsOfFearAnxietyOfVictimisation. It points to a seemingly #NarrativeStableMorality concept of society i.e. one centring on the a priori of #PhenomenonSexualityHeterosexuality, #TheoryHegemonicMasculinity (clear and explicitly defined, gender-hierarchy), sanctity of the nuclear family, a traditional #BeliefChristianity belief system, #MetaphorPurityRacial etc. seeks to assert the authority of a fundamentalist i.e. faith-based (genetically-justified, prescribed/precondition, religiously preordained) concept of society (in contrast with the commonly accepted 'social construct' model. #FallacyAppealToTraditionValues #TheoryCodedFemininityOverTradWives ? #TheoryPoliticsOfEternity #PleaTruthUniversalIncontrovertibleAbsolute #ConditionInjuryFeelingAggrievedResentmentGrudge #ConspiracyTheoryWhiteGenocide is a #SlurWhiteSupremacy #ConspiracyTheoryGreatReplacementTheory e.g. "'The Great Replacement,' a reference to a conspiracy theory that non-white immigration is part of a plot to 'replace' white people with people of color" https://harvardpolitics.com/the-alt-right-as-counterculture-memes-video-games-and-violence/
Supplementary: "the concept of hegemonic masculinity has been used in gender studies since the early-1980s to explain men's power over women. Stressing the legitimating power of consent (rather than crude physical or political power to ensure submission)" as per: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4706037/ #IndivPhilosopherKarlPopper's "conspiracy theory of society": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Popper#The_%22conspiracy_theory_of_society%22 is also an interestuing concept here. #NewsMagazineUKTheSpectatorLionelShriver's piece on Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban i.e. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/would-you-want-london-to-be-overrun-with-americans-like-me and is a useful case here. Adam Rutherford's critique is that the article is merely a rehash of #ConspiracyTheoryGreatReplacementTheory tropes i.e. https://twitter.com/AdamRutherford/status/1432640899281035267

@Shakaama: hey .@duckduckgo the point of me changing to you was to not be force-fed #woke #propaganda

not only did you #gowokegetbroke like #google but you are nowhere as good as them in your search coverage

I can't believe you promote yourselves as alternatives to google. you're the same https://t.co/Y3ilmQmrDK

#PleaGetGoWokeGoBroke #PhenomenonPropaganda
implicit belief in the impartiality of search algorithms (and their corruption by their providers) i.e. "algorithms are implicitly neutral, it's the people that make them that give them an agenda". In this case, the search engine #TechServiceDuckDuckGo is seen to have succumbed to the same impulses of #TechServiceGoogle i.e. to present weighted search returns.

Supplementary: this perspective is discussed by #IndivScholarFrancescaTripodi i.e. http://trigg.gr/t/16090 #PhenomenonAlgorithm #TheoryConfirmationBias #TheoryReasoningAdHocGooglingStuffAsResearch


Addendum: #CharacterisationAgnotology i.e. "deliberate, culturally-induced ignorance or doubt, typically to sell a product or win favour, particularly through the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnotology ?

@MelissaElston3: @cspanwj @vrobinson Parties have NOT switched. Demonkkkrats are still the same as before. Wake tf up people! #WalkAway #BLEXIT #jexit #woke https://t.co/lXkWoYHCpJ

#OrgTerroristUSKuKluxKlanKKK #PhenomenonSlavery #NarrativeWarAmericanCivil #PowerControlSegregationDiscrimination #CauseCivilRights

Supplementary: "Donald J. Trump has won the presidency of the United States, due to strong support among white voters. This is a remarkable turn of events, and it only gets more remarkable when you think back to how the Republican Party began its existence: fighting against the expansion of slavery. Over the past century and a half, though, the party of Abraham Lincoln has changed dramatically. It went from a party that was racially progressive for its times, to one that gets little support from nonwhite voters. And it went from a Northern-only party, to one that dominates the South." https://www.vox.com/2016/7/20/12148750/republican-party-trump-lincoln

@uni777444: #cdc #Trump #PeoplePower #woke cdc and everyone don't be upset we need to work better for better news and system because this stuff is out of control for no reason yeah don't panic is a good thing nobody wants a whole bunch of people screaming and crying but give us the truth 🙏 https://t.co/YuirD6GKaz

criticism of #CatchcryMainstreamMediaMSM (and the supposed veracity of social media channels for distributing information) i.e. #PhenomenonCensorshipOfSocialMedia

Social media used to spread (mis)information about a supposed #OrgUSFedCentersForDiseaseControlAndPreventionCDC claim from a friend-of-friend about the trustworthiness of food sources and their link to #NoRChina