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@SergioHelverson [name pseudonymized]: The illuminati is so shit at keeping the bird hoax a secret you can now buy pigeon recharge docks on wish. #staywoke #WokeAF #woke #Coronavirustruth #Covid_19 #StayHome [URL redacted]
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@EstrellaRukavina [name pseudonymized] [10]: Black Parents, actually all parents interested in creating EMPATHETIC, KIND, HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE children should share this History with their children! Look what happens to a Country built on lies! Let’s try TRUTH! #BlackHistory #BlackLivesMatter #Woke #BlackTwitter #Education [URL redacted]

#SymbolUSStatueOfLibertyLadyLiberty #TheoryMythOriginStory

Context: "Social media users are circulating posts which claim that New York's Statue of Liberty was originally modeled after an enslaved Black woman. This primary claim is false." And "First of all, there was no one 'original model' for the Statue of Liberty: sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi's design went through many evolutionary changes before he settled on its final form. The removal of chains that appeared in Lady Liberty's hands in earlier models was done not because it 'would be offensive to the U.S. South,' but for aesthetic reasons." #TheoryBiasConfirmation

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